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brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel

I used the experience of people visiting a gallery, but I broke people’s perception of a painting. I use metal as a pigment and the annealing process as a method of painting, which is a painting made at 600 degrees. I found a way to preserve the color of the metal oxide layer by polishing it directly.

If a metal painting is made like an oil painting, the body acts as a space to display, like a wall in a gallery. So I started exploring the colors different metals would produce when they were burnt and oxidized, and ended up choosing copper and aluminum as a contrast between cool and warm tones. I take advantage of the low melting point of aluminum, and paint the molten aluminum on the copper sheet like pigments, and use Chinese landscape painting as my visual reference.

In this group of works, I have achieved a transformation of experience, that is, the experience of others into mine. I consider the body as a landscape or a space that provides an environment for the attachments which express artists’ personal emotions.

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