< If you..., when I... >

silver, bronze, stainless steel

If you yearn for freedom’s light,

when I offer you my sustenance bright.

If you slip from my grasp’s hold,

when I strive to draw you close.

If you cease your frantic strife,

when I grant you release to new life.

The story started when I bought a betta fish. I often sit in front of a fish tank and observe the movements of this small fish. But unlike a cat and a dog, it is difficult for a fish to establish an intimate relationship with its owner. When I try to get close to it, it hides behind the coral that I placed in the tank. When I need to change the water, I need to put my hand into the water to take out the fish. It will always try to break free quickly, but in the end I will still catch it.

I captured these dynamics, and the shapes of the jewelry I made were inspired by these dynamics. The silver parts refer to the body of the fish, and the blackened parts refer to the landscape and environment in its habitat, such as the coral and the water wave.

Technically, I utilized the rubber mold making process to help me replicate the repeated shapes in fish and coral. Then, after I carved the wax model, I cast the silver and bronze separately using a lost-wax casting process, and soldered them together to get the final metal form.

© 2024 Qi Zhang

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