< Have a good night >

rigid 10k, stainless steel, LED light bulb, silver

This series of brooches is a collection of impressions and fragments that remind people of their late-night walks in the city with a relaxing vibe. I won't deliberately create a story background for them, but when you see these brooches, do you think of the only house in the town with lights on in the middle of the night? Would you remember a street lamp in the moonlight outside your window? Or the candles in the church that you can see through the window? These are my experience and memories, and what about yours?

When the jewelry is concealed, the light still permeates through the gaps, illuminating the surroundings. The intangible power of light, devoid of physical shape or weight, brings forth a stunning array of colors and shadows. It becomes a deeply personal dialogue, a communion with oneself.

I view the body as a canvas, a landscape, or a space that serves as a backdrop for the attachments that convey the artist's personal emotions. The jewelry appears to be in motion, sometimes hovering and floating. Light plays a crucial role in my creative process, as it infuses the jewelry with a sense of energy and movement that can make it appear larger than its physical dimensions. It will find the edges and outline of the body by itself. And it extends not only to the body but also to the surrounding.

The Smiths have a song called “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”

When the lights go out, maybe it’s time to say “have a good night!”

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