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Bijou Project

    Bijou Project由Qi和Zixuan于2023年成立,现在在上海和深圳运营。Bijou Project致力于推广当代首饰和生活方式,长期与来自各个领域的艺术家们合作推出珠宝及其他配饰相关产品。Qi作为主理人之一,负责品牌的视觉创意和PR。

    User0097 is a jewelry brand that was established by Qi in 2020. As the founder, owner, and head designer of the brand, Qi is responsible for the brand's creative direction, product innovation, and development of brand development trends. The brand's primary location is in Shanghai, but it has also partnered with offline buyer stores in various cities throughout China to promote and distribute its products.



    Siself is a jewelry brand founded in 2022. Qi is the head designer of this brand. Qi communicates with other brand leaders online and provides production details to factories through techniques such as sketching, modeling, and rendering. Siself primarily sells its products online and collaborates with stylists and celebrities to promote its brand and products.

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